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Prince Morgan Music

Prince Morgan born in London, UK 1989.
Graduated Music Bachelor 2012 winning best guitarist/musician for his diploma. 
Worked (VERY HARD) in Japan on countless music/media projects to until entering the game development industry where he worked as a sound engineer and producer on many games from mobile to AAA titles.
Prince now full time as a music composer for Adventure RPG games.

Prince Morgan Composer.jpg
Composing Music

Strengths: Always strives to improve - Efficient and punctual - Strategic
Weakness: Dislikes disappointing others - Can appear overly stoic - Perfectionist

Favourite games: Final Fantasy - Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Street Fighter 4 - Astral Chain
Favourite Shows: Marvel - Kateikyoushi HITMAN REBORN - The Owl House

Goals: Become a music guru - Own a house - Make the world's best RPG

When I'm not making music, I...: Spend time with wife and kids - Exercise - play/watch basketball


Prince Morgan is a very professional Composer. The music I received from him fit the theme of my game really well. Not only did I get what I was looking for, I also got them surprisingly fast. Would love to work with you again in the near future.

GoldenKela Games

 I was surprised by how intuitive he is with his work, bringing to life a theme that perfectly fits the game. He went the extra mile to make sure I got what I need. Very satisfied with the result.​​

TB (Indie GameDev)

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